While the ACT and SAT provide scores to use for college applications, the ASVAB helps predict your future academic and occupational success, and gives you information you can use to plan your next steps.

Are you thinking about what career path you want to pursue? The ASVAB can help guide you.

Here are five reasons to take the ASVAB:

  1. LEARN YOUR STRENGTHS. The ASVAB measures skills and strengths, which can be improved over time. The ASVAB subtests cover traditional topic areas like math and English, and others you might not have had exposure to, like mechanical comprehension and electronics information.
  2. IT’S SO MUCH MORE THAN A TEST. ASVAB CEP participants enjoy greater confidence in their career decisions. Career satisfaction is not only contingent on doing something you’re good at (aptitude), but also something you enjoy (interest). The ASVAB test is the first step of the ASVAB Career Exploration Program. The ASVAB CEP promotes career literacy by revealing career-field entry requirements and with planning tools to help students develop an action plan for their future to share with parents and educators.
  3. SATISFY GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS. Most states require high school students to meet a series of activities to show they’re fit for graduation. Many states recognize the ASVAB as an option to satisfy graduation requirements. Other states even use the ASVAB CEP activities to complete career exploration obligations.
  4. IT’S NOT JUST A MILITARY TEST. Unlike achievement tests, the ASVAB measures aptitude—how well students have developed their skills in addition to their potential for training. The ASVAB CEP is not all about the Military; it’s about options. The ASVAB CEP offers an equally unique opportunity to students interested in pursuing post-secondary education, work-based learning and the Military because the ASVAB assesses academic ability and predicts success in a variety of careers, not just military occupations.
  5. IT’S FREE. Most standardized tests are fee-based and do not offer career planning resources.

The entire ASVAB CEP is offered at no cost to the school or the student. If your child’s school is not currently participating in ASVAB CEP, you can go to to have information about the program sent to your counselor.

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