Why Take the ASVAB? 

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The ASVAB is different from the ACT and SAT. While those tests measure achievement and are used for college applications, the ASVAB helps predict future academic and occupational success. It even gives you insight into your options and next steps after high school. 

Here are six reasons why you should participate in the ASVAB Career Exploration Program: 

#1. The ASVAB helps you identify your strengths.  

The ASVAB measures skills and strengths, in other words areas you can improve over time through training. The subtests within ASVAB cover traditional subjects like math and English and other topics you might not have had exposure to, like mechanical comprehension and electronics information. 

#2. It’s so much more than a test.  

The ASVAB is just the first part of the ASVAB CEP. Career satisfaction is not only contingent on doing something you’re good at (aptitude), but also something you enjoy (interest).  The ASVAB CEP is designed to help you determine both your interests and aptitude and use those to explore related occupations and career pathways. 

The ASVAB CEP consists of three main components:  

You also have access to planning tools like My Portfolio, My Education & Career Plans, and My Coursework Planner. These resources help you understand yourself and the world of work to make informed career decisions. 

#3. The ASVAB CEP helps satisfy graduation requirements.  

Most states require high school students to complete activities to demonstrate fitness for graduation. Many states recognize the ASVAB test as an option to satisfy these graduation requirements, and they utilize the ASVAB CEP activities to complete career exploration obligations. 

#4. It’s not just a military test. 

While the Department of Defense initially introduced the ASVAB as a predictor of trainability in military occupations, the test results also showed applicability to civilian career fields. 

Schools participating in the ASVAB CEP select from eight score release options which dictate the release of scores to recruiters. Regardless of your school’s choice, you can ‘opt in’ or ‘opt out’ of that option. Moreover, your participation does not require you to talk with a recruiter. 

#5. The ASVAB CEP presents ALL career-path options.

The ASVAB CEP’s is the ONLY program that presents all career-field entry requirements and pathways, including college, work-based learning, and the military. This career exploration approach broadens options for more meaningful, informed planning. 

#6. It’s free!

Most standardized tests are fee-based and do not offer complete planning resources. However, everything about the ASVAB CEP is provided at no cost to students or schools. If your school is not currently participating, visit to send information about the program to your school’s counselor. 


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