Why Have a Driving Contract?

Simple: People learn best when they hear and read expectations and consequences.

Simple: People learn best when they hear and read expectations and consequences.  If you’re a teen, it’s better to know the expectations instead of getting grounded when they weren’t clear (and let’s face it—the freedom of driving makes it hard to remember what Mom said as you were driving away! A Driving contract can help.) Parents, it makes it easier to be systematic by having expectations in writing and taking time to discuss the driving contract.   

Here’s some key areas to document: 

  • Rules of the road reminders (seatbelts, traffic laws, speed limits) 
  • Home rules (curfew, gas fill-ups, grades) 
  • Consequences of bad decisions 

Here are some great templates you can adapt: 

> www.cdc.gov/parentsarethekey 

> www.childrensal.org/safe-teen-driving-toolkit 


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