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Which Electronics to Bring to Your Dorm (and Which to Leave Behind)


As digital natives, it isn’t surprising that Gen Z considers technology as an extension of themselves. After all, being connected through their smartphones, tablets, and laptops is simply a way of life for them. In fact, a survey by Global News found that Gen Z log about 10 hours a day online and a whopping 96% of them own a smartphone. If you are part of this generation, this reality can make it a bit difficult to figure out what you should bring with you to your new dorm, and what you should leave behind.

In one of our previous posts, ‘5 Dorm Leave-Behinds’, it was noted how some of the things better left at home were televisions, printers, and irons. The reason for this is that such items can take up a lot of your dorm’s already limited space. In addition to this, alternatives such as laptops, nearby laundry shops, and printers stationed in your school library and computer lab are easily accessible. But what about non-essential electronics? The home electronics on Adorama show that “electronics” aren’t just limited to your TVs and printers, but a wide array of items that make life both easier and more entertaining. Which ones will enhance your stay and which ones will get in the way?

To bring:

Your wearable tech- The benefits that smartwatches offer go well beyond just making it easier for the wearer to view new messages, screen incoming calls, and interact with notifications. Make Use Of how wearable tech such as these can also keep tabs on your daily physical activity, improve navigation, and reduce your reliance on smartphones by having contactless payment systems, which are ideal given the current circumstances.

Scooters and transportation- Moving around a large campus can sometimes be a great hassle. Here is where electronic scooters can come in handy. Some of the latest models available in the market now have a top speed of 15 mph and a range that maxes out at 18 miles. There are also models that have a slower top speed and lower maximum range which are cheaper, thereby making them more student-friendly.

Backup power sources- As a student, your life is filled with papers, reports, and academic work that require the constant use of connected devices. This then translates to a greater need for power sources—and the thing is power outlets aren’t always available. At times like these, a reliable backup power source will be invaluable so make sure to bring one with you. If you don’t have a power bank but you are willing to invest in one, tech writer Steven Winkelman explained that the most important points to consider are size and capacity, input and output ports, and fast charging standards.

To leave behind:

Novelties and gifts- Unless the electronic novelties and gifts you’ve received hold great sentimental value to you, it would be best to leave such things behind. Most of these tech novelties are likely Christmas and birthday presents that will be forgotten within the first few months. These will only cause clutter in your dorm.

Smart home security systems- Most dorms have in-house security systems and personnel, so the need for a personal smart home security system isn’t there. Your dorm will also likely have rules about students using their own cameras, especially if sharing a dorm. If you are worried about your belongings it would be much more practical to bring a small safe.

Home theater system- Where once home theater systems were big and very heavy, today you can easily get portable setups. However, before you plan to turn your room into an entertainment hub consider whether it is wise to bring it. Dorm rooms are extremely small. Most of the time, the room is just big enough to accommodate beds and reasonably sized desks, so the setup will still take up a lot of room. And even if it does fit you probably won’t even be able to use it to its full capacity since it will disturb other students in the dorm.

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Contributed By: Elise Norman

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