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What I Know Now: Jessie Jordin


name: Jessie Jordin

age: 20

hometown: Millbrook, AL


I currently work as a Stylist at Indulgence Salon in Prattville, AL. My passion is doing highlights, fashion colors, balayage, and just making people feel great in general. My favorite aspect of my job is the relationship I have with my bosses! It’s very important to be in a space where you feel genuinely loved and cared for. I know my leadership cares about me as a person, they look after me and my success, not just after profit. I chose this career field because I knew I’d always be able to make a great income and have flexibility in my schedule. Also, if I want to advance or add to my education, there are many opportunities to do so in this field.

Growing up

My parents, Angie and John Jordin, have inspired me to be a hard worker. John is a civilian contractor at Maxwell AFB, and Angie is a Business Development Manager. I saw both of my parents work very hard to achieve as much as they could and give us a very comfortable life. I want to be able to do the same. I knew I wanted to be in a creative field where I could have control over my education, skills, and environment. I don’t think I ever said, “I want to be X when I grow up,” but I knew I liked to work with people and wanted to make an impact on others to make them feel good about themselves.


I graduated high school early to start my education and training in the cosmetology field. I attended Paul Mitchell The School in Birmingham, AL. I earned a cosmetology certification and passed the State Boards to acquire my license. I chose this school because it has a great reputation in the field, so I’d have an advantage when applying to jobs. It wasn’t the traditional college experience; I didn’t live on campus, I went three days a week, and it was a very diverse group. I grew and learned a lot very quickly. You keep up or you get held back. There is no hand-holding; you either learn the skill or get left behind.

Secret to Success

Hard work and putting in the time to get good at my career. There are no shortcuts, and people are serious about their hair; you don’t have the luxury of messing it up and moving on. If you do make a mistake you have to learn to fix it on the spot so that your client leaves happy.

Advice for Parents

Allow your kids to feel safe making mistakes. Mistakes are part of the process and no one is perfect the first time. (or even the second or third!)

Advice for Teens

Get out of your comfort zone, you’re only young once! Even if things don’t go as expected, you’ll have gained experience, and experience always improves your life.

Can’t Live Without

(aside from God and Family)

  1. Having my nails done
  2. Phone
  3. Bed

Fun Fact

I have eight tattoos, and a webbed toe with an extra bone. I have survived a concussion, a broken bone, and a chipped tooth, and I’m still here.

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