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Updates on the SAT/ACT: What You Need to Know

All students had their worlds turned upside down this spring, but for college-bound high school students, the sudden cancellation of the four spring and summer SAT/ACT dates caused even more uncertainty.

Good news: both the College Board and ACT have laid out schedules for upcoming administrations of the SAT and ACT. Here’s what your teens need to know about their plans this fall:

Updates on the SAT

  • NEW SEPTEMBER SAT. While the June SAT date was canceled, there will be a new administration of the SAT September 26.
  • OFFERED MONTHLY STARTING IN AUGUST. Students are able to take the SAT every month through the end of the year, beginning in August. Those dates are August 29, September 26, October 3, November 7, and December 5.
  • GET PRIORITY REGISTRATION. Any students in the class of 2020 or 2021 that do not have SAT scores can register now for the August, September, and October SAT or SAT Subject Test.
  • REGISTRATION OPENED MAY 28. Registration for the November and December SAT exams opened May 28, and the August, September, and October test registration opened up for all on June 3.
  • LIMITED SEATING. Public health restrictions vary from state to state, so some exam dates might have limited capacity. The College Board suggests continuing to log back into My SAT for updated capacity (as the company adds more test center seats when they become available).
  • SCHOOL DAY TESTING. Those dates are September 23 and October 14.

Updates on the ACT

  • ADDITIONAL TESTING DATES FOR FALL. ACT is offering additional test dates to the fall dates that have already been scheduled. The new dates will be September 12, September 13, September 19, October 10, October 17, October 24, and October 25.
  • STUDENTS HAVE TO RE-REGISTER. If a student’s test date was canceled, it is up to the student to re-register for a future date (or obtain a refund).
  • NEW SECTION TESTS. ACT CEO, Janet Godwin, announced in June that ACT is postponing the roll-out of section retesting. Section retesting would allow students who have already taken the full test to retake individual sections of the test in an effort to increase their score.
  • AT-HOME TESTING IS COMING SOON. No dates have been decided, but ACT will make this available in late fall or early winter. Regularly check the SAT ( and ACT ( websites for the most up to date information.


  • PREPARE IN ADVANCE. Now is the time to focus on targeted test prep so that when your teen does take the SAT or ACT, he or she is prepared to succeed.
  • DON’T PANIC. If your soon-to-be senior was signed up or his or her first SAT or ACT and studied over winter, there’s a good chance he or she has lost some ground. That’s okay. It’s time to pick things back up this fall with a customized test prep program.

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