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Try Before You Buy: Summer on Campus

Even if you haven’t decided where you might want to attend college after high school, you can join other UA Early College and UA students as they walk the Quad to their daily classes. Summer On Campus is a great way to see what college life is all about, in a way that can help you learn more about what matters most to you when you decide on a college.


Students will engage in college life in a structured and supportive environment. Summer On Campus offers opportunities to participate in a variety of fun activities, learn about the University and meet new friends. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Live in a residence hall on the UA campus, and meet friends from Alabama and across the country.
  • Take two in-person courses during Summer I term (May31 – July 1), Summer II term (July 5 – August 5) or do both and take two courses each term.
  • Have the academic support network of UA Early College as you earn college credit.
  • Study as a group during scheduled times and independently as needed.
  • Enjoy plenty of opportunities to learn about college life—like meeting with student organizations and interesting campus groups.
  • Join in on activities like stadium tours, movie and game nights, meals and events with UA organizations and speakers.

Ashley, a high school junior from Minnesota, enjoyed the opportunity to learn about living with roommates. She said, “This summer, I had 3 roommates. It helped a lot—learning to adjust to other people’s needs and being able to compromise.”


Summer On Campus is for high school students who have completed 10th, 11th or 12th grade. Students who are high school seniors are still eligible to participate in Summer On Campus after high school graduation. If you’re still deciding where you might want to go to college, don’t worry. The credits you earn in Summer On Campus transfer widely to most other colleges and universities.


Courses through UA Early College can be a great way to save money on college costs. At UA Early College, Alabama high school students are eligible for a 50% tuition scholarship, which is already charged at a lower UA distance learning rate, and additional book scholarships are available. This tuition scholarship applies to Summer On Campus courses too!

Hope—a high school senior from Birmingham—says, “I was only going to do Summer I, but after I got here, I loved it so much and was having so much fun with my friends, that I convinced my parents to let me stay another month!”

Learn more about Summer On Campus by visiting, calling 205-348-7083, or connecting on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.


To participate in Summer On Campus, students must take the following steps:

  1. Apply and be admitted to UA Early College (must have a 3.0+ high school GPA).
  2. Pass the UAEC 200 College Readiness Course.
  3. Complete the Summer On Campus application.
    1. The last day to apply for UA Early College and be eligible for Summer On Campus term I (or both terms) is March 18.
    2. The last day to apply for UA Early College and be eligible for Summer On Campus term II is April 29.

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