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The new school year is just around the corner, which means homework, tests and more tests. These apps can help develop and strengthen good study habits. more


Getting ready to go to college means making multiple important decisions, including where to live. The choice between on- or off-campus housing can have a major impact on a student’s education and their overall experience.. more

the college view

To get the most out of your campus visits and tours, try creating a list of questions and the “must haves” that you’re looking for in a college. Here are a few examples and some tips to help you pick the right college for you. more

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Remedial courses equip students with necessary skills that weren’t successfully picked up in high school but they don’t count towards college credit. Here are some tips on remedial courses. more

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Let’s face it, picking the right college is a big decision, and chances are, your teen’s college of choice is their pick for all the WRONG reasons. more

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Auburn graduation

Photo courtesy of Auburn University

Is it still possible to get a college degree in four years? Read what one associate provost for undergraduate studies has to say about graduation rates and what advice she has for parents of future college students. more

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Parents love watching their children follow in their footsteps...especially if it's going to help pay for their college education. Matthew Harley did exactly that when he joined the Reserved Officer Training Corps scholarship program. more

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