Summer 2013

Set aside a little time to help your teen stay sharp over the break and start some college prep. Use our handydandy checklist as your guide TO Work with your teens to get ready for college and beyond. more

Life Skills

Volunteers get a lot out of the process too, especially when they are teens. Here are a few of the things your teen will gain when they volunteer this summer. more


Diven Patel - Entrepreneur/Business Owner

Diven Patel is a young entrepreneur whose passion for learning and helping others, inspired by his parents hard work and determination, lead him to become the owner of Kumon of Montgomery. more

May 21, 2013 3:35 PM What I Know Now

Check out this advice from a licensed child psychologist and mother on how to entice your teens to spend some valuable time with you. more

Life Skills

This confident young woman takes her nominated title of Miss St. Jude seriously and hopes to stand out as a leader for her school. She hopes to someday become a doctor in order to give back to others. more


If you could chose one thing to stand out about this outgoing young woman, it would be her passion for helping others. more


This athletic young woman stands out, not only for her talent as a softball player, but also for her compassion and willingness to help others. Her kindness has been acknowledged and awarded by others. more


This young man, who was originally introduced to wakeboarding in a video game, is now ranked fourth in the country for his age group in "wakeskating." more


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