Social Media

Once upon a time, people only met each other in real life. The way to talk to someone was to actually see them! Now, however, you know whose pictures your boyfriend/girlfriend has liked, you see exactly where they are on Snapchat, and... more

Life Skills

Social media changes so fast that it’s hard to know when using it is appropriate. It might come as a surprise that many athletes use Twitter to reach out to college programs they’re interested in. more


Pinterest. Twitter. Facebook. Snapchat. These days it seems that as soon as you learn the ins and outs of one social media site another one gets introduced as the latest and greatest way for your teens to stay connected with their friends. more

Life Skills

They love it! And oftentimes it seems that they can’t live without it. You may feel like your child is much more Internet savvy than you are, and in fact, that may be true! But as savvy as your teen may be, he or she may not be aware of the danger... more

Life Skills

Your friends are not the only ones looking at your social media! Up to 27% of college counselors said they look at a prospective student’s pages to get a better idea of the kind of students are applying to their school... more

Life Skills

Do you ever wonder what life would have been like if there was social media in the 80s? Think about some of your teenage memories and the intensity of that age and then imagine the pictures you could have been tagged in if social media had existed... more

Life Skills

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