If you're juggling two-hour practices daily or playing in long games, follow these tips to make sure you're properly fueled. more

teen health

Although bottled water is now the drink of choice for many teens, soda, energy drinks, and sport drinks remain the top source of sugar in children’s and teens’ diets. more

teen health

Student athletes have many choices to make: which sport to play, what brand of gear to use, what position to play and increasingly, what kind of sports beverage to drink. In fact, sports drinks are one of the most marketed products to young adults. more

teen health

Protein at breakfast is key to a nutritious morning. Eating a morning meal with protein can help students start their day with energy and focus and keep them feeling fuller longer. more

teen health

The start of a new year is a great time to adopt some healthier eating habits, and it’s not as hard as you might think. Filling up on fresh, nutrition-packed foods is easy when armed with the right recipes. more

teen health

It’s 6:30, and you’re really hungry. No problem! Mom (or dad) should be calling you to the dinner table to enjoy a yummy, healthy meal any minute now. But wait. You’re not at home. You’re off at college. So what’s for dinner now? more

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