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Charlie the College-Ready Dog is back again! In this issue, Charlie addresses concerns about homework and suggests ways parents can help their teens when they are struggling. more

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Parent/teen relationships can be very challenging, but that doesn’t mean these relationships are doomed to fail and be a nightmare for both parties! Understanding the teenage brain can help. more

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Welcome to the first “Hey Charlie” column! Here, we hope to answer common questions we hear from parents throughout the year to prepare their student for success in school and life. more

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You may assume that sex trafficking is not a big problem in our corner of the world, but the truth is that the southeast is a key area for human trafficking; 40 percent of the major hubs in the United States are in the southeast. more

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There’s no denying it—children’s sports have changed a ton over the last generation. Think about it—when you played high school baseball, basketball or tennis, did your parents devote the bulk of their free time to your sport? Probably not. more

Life Skills

Make no mistake, college costs are as real as they come. For many parents this can cause a great deal of anxiety and stress. Learn how to cope! more

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Often times we love people but it’s not received or appreciated. “The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman reveals how this can happen and the ways we can communicate value, encouragement and love to others. We’ve broken it down so you can start... more

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Pinterest. Twitter. Facebook. Snapchat. These days it seems that as soon as you learn the ins and outs of one social media site another one gets introduced as the latest and greatest way for your teens to stay connected with their friends. more

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As your child is preparing to go to college had have more freedoms than at home, as a parent, you can work to make it good, or you can deny it. Becoming a Freedom Giver prepares them with more freedoms while they are home and still under your care. more

Life Skills

We all know the importance of driving safely, but it’s important to know what to do when things don’t go as planned. more

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Teachers and parents should be allies in a student’s education. It is important to build a good rapport with one another and to understand our shared expectations for the year ahead. more

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They’ve taken their last exam, donned the cap and gown and walked across the stage to accept their diploma. Congratulations, you have a high school graduate, and they likely feel ready to take on the world! more

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You can save an average of $5,000- $24,000 on college costs each year by participating in grade acceleration programs like Dual Enrollment, Accelerated High School, and Early College while still in high school. more


If you have a high school student with ADHD now is the time to begin considering how their diagnosis will impact their functioning in college. Did you know that the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) requires colleges to provide... more

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Money, specifically allowance, is a topic that comes up often in many families. Should my child receive an allowance? What age should we start? How much is appropriate? What should my child’s allowance cover? more


As parents, we want our kids to do well and always strive for excellence, but what happens when our efforts to encourage and uplift actually end up hindering our child’s ability to grow into the person he or she was intended to be? more

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Every school has them: the “mean girls.” But when it’s your daughter who is being hurt, that snobby clique is more than just a high school cliché. So how can you help her handle them? And when does rude cross the line to bullying? more

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When Lawson was a baby, he was involved in a serious car accident that launched him out of his car seat and left him with a serious brain injury and lengthy recovery. “He’s been through a lot with the doctors, x-rays and physical therapy,” said... more


After moving to Alabama, it didn’t take long for Kathryn Lindsey to dance into her passion for the arts. Shortly after enrolling in Baldwin Magnet, she began taking ballet and has since taken on modern dance and jazz and taken classes at the Alaba... more


Cassie Sadie stays pretty busy, being involved in many leadership programs and political organizations. She was elected thePresident of the Government Club, SGA Secretary, YouthGovernor and Secretary of State. She’s a Student Ambassador, Peer... more

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