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Mary Margaret McCord

When she was little, Mary Margaret wanted to be just like her two older siblings, who were both smart and driven. She dreamed of becoming a veterinarian before discovering a knack for business. more

Jan 30, 2014 11:13 AM What I Know Now

Confused about the PSAT? We’ve got some answers to common questions and info on why your teen should take this particular “practice” test seriously. more

test prep

With the right amount of preparation, students enrolled in Advanced Placement courses can transform their high school knowledge into college credit by taking and passing an Advanced Placement test. more

test prep

Made your college list and checked it twice, but still can’t decide between attending a public or private institution? Public and private institutions are relatively equal on many levels... more


“Senioritis” is the tendency for high school seniors to let their excitement about graduation overshadow their commitment to their classes. Some students can suffer some serious side effects. Here’s what to watch out for and a few ways to “tame” it. more

Life Skills

Hazing is dangerous. It’s not just boys being boys, or girls being catty. It’s led to serious physical harm and even death, and it’s an issue many teens face before they ever get to college.. more

the college view

All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are everywhere, and plenty of teens have the chance to ride or drive one. Make sure you and your teens understand the dangers associated with ATV accidents and... more

teen health

Remedial courses equip students with necessary skills that weren’t successfully picked up in high school but they don’t count towards college credit. Here are some tips on remedial courses. more

the college view

Let’s face it, picking the right college is a big decision, and chances are, your teen’s college of choice is their pick for all the WRONG reasons. more

the college view

Say hello to ten reasons you should consider making one of today’s community colleges a first option when it comes to admissions. more

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