Feb/Mar 2013

This young man is hoping to combine his knack for acting and desire to serve others to fulfill his life’s calling. Morgan recognizes the opportunity to help others in both aspects and finds satisfaction in using the gifts he’s been given. more

She’s never been to Disney World, but she’s seen almost every major U.S. battlefield and national park. The now high school senior attributes her appreciation for history and heritage and her love of the outdoors to all her family’s traveling. more


Ever wondered what mastermind was behind the mobile application you just downloaded to your smart phone? Meet Justin Gifford—a student at Prattville Christian Academy who has already had an app he developed on the Apple app store. more


Determined to have just the right fit for his first "real job," 23-year-old Turnage set his standards high and searched for a position that would challenge him and help grow his passions. more


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