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According to a study done by the National Association for College Admission Counseling, 33% of admissions counselors cite demonstrated interest as being a more important deciding factor for student admission than work experience or an interview. more

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A campus visit shouldn’t be taken lightly- you may only get to visit once before you decide to call a university home! Here’s a crash course on how to get the most out of a campus tour. more

college tours

50% of colleges report that a student's demonstrated interest in the school is highly important in the admission process. How can you make sure the college you're applying to knows that you really want to attend school there? more


Although single-sex colleges have been around since the origin of universities, currently only about 2 percent of women in America attend women’s colleges. more


Everything you need to know about finding the right school for you! more


To get the most out of your campus visits and tours, try creating a list of questions and the “must haves” that you’re looking for in a college. Here are a few examples and some tips to help you pick the right college for you. more

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Say hello to ten reasons you should consider making one of today’s community colleges a first option when it comes to admissions. more

college tours

Whether you know a campus like the back of your hand or your teen is interested in a college you have never seen, a campus tour can be an excellent way to get a real feel for the school and all it offers. Here are a few helpful touring tips. more

college tours

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