Top 5 Things Admissions Counselors Aren’t Telling You

Your student’s counselor has a lot of wisdom to share, and here are just 5 things your admissions counselors aren’t telling you:

  1. Apply to multiple colleges.

Include a “stretch” school, safe pick, and backup. This allows you to compare the scholarship financial aid packages offered by each institution. 

  1. Make sure you write your own admissions essay.

Some colleges request an additional piece of school writing that has been graded by a teacher. If your original essay has been forged, it can come back to hurt you. Also beware of using college essay services, over 100 colleges use the Turnitin database software to detect plagiarism. 

  1. Don’t visit colleges during holiday breaks, if possible.

Visit the college during a normal day when class is in session to get an accurate feel of the campus atmosphere, student body, and surrounding areas. 

  1. Demographics play a role in your acceptance.

Reports have shown that most colleges favor wealthier students who can pay the full price of tuition. Also, about one-third of colleges and universities consider an applicant’s race as a factor.  

  1. Your acceptance is conditional.

The National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) recently performed a study on revoked admissions, which found that about 22 percent of colleges rescinded at least one offer of admission: 65 percent was due to senioritis-impacted final grades, 35 percent from disciplinary issues, and 29 percent for falsification of the application information.

These are just 5 of the things your admissions counselors aren’t telling you. Be sure to consult your school counselor about any other college-related questions that aren’t mentioned here!

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