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Things Students Should Know Before Choosing Their First Employer

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The company you select to start your career leaves a great impression on your growth and development as a professional. It can help with your progress, teaching you new skills and improving your knowledge about the industry as well as the company. On the contrary, it can halt your development with limited opportunities. Remember that the majority of employers focus on the salary and allowances aspect of the job and not necessarily the skills they require for the company’s growth. Consequently, employees tend to resign from the position as soon as the contract is over or even before.

According to reports, in 2021, nearly 47.4 million Americans (including freshers) quit their jobs voluntarily. It was due to a lack of work satisfaction. Salary is one of the many components influencing your decision to take up the offer, but not the only reason. So, you must consider the following things before selecting your first employer.

Company History

First of all, you need to learn about the company history you wish to work with. How old is the company? What milestones has it achieved to date? What development and growth techniques do they use? What type of opportunities do they provide to its employees? How does the management work? These are the few questions that you must get answered before your interview with the employer. It will help you learn whether or not the company’s goals align with your professional goals.

Reason For Company’s Success

After studying the company, list out the reason why this organization is great and successful. It will help you learn about the possible goals of the organization and how your skills can help the organization. It would also be wise to learn about the USP of the organization, its products and services, and its market position. Basically, the more you’ll learn, the better reasons “to and not to” work with the company you can list.

Employee Turnover

As mentioned above, employee turnover is quite high in the US. There are plenty of reasons employees quit their existing jobs, such as better growth opportunities, change in the industry, poor working conditions, or negative working culture. It would be best if you learned what ways of retaining employees your shortlisted companies are using. If they focus on aligning talent acquisition with business strategy, have a people-centric approach, and continuously recognize their existing employee efforts, you should consider working with them.

Organization’s Competitor

Learning about the organization’s competitors will help you learn why your selected employer is better and different from others. It would be wise to create a pros and cons list of all the companies in the same industry and compare them in various aspects. Know what is important for you and which organization can benefit you the most. Make sure not to make any decision in a hurry, as it is your first job. Look for opportunities to help polish your skills and teach you the strategies to grow as a professional.

To Sum It All Up

Gain as much knowledge as possible about the employer you’re looking forward to working with. It will ensure that you make a well-researched decision, including your growth opportunities, company loopholes, working culture, and more.

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