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The Sorority Recruitment Mindset

Sorority recruitment is easily one of the most exciting (and possibly intimidating) things you’ll experience in college if you choose to go through the process and want to be involved in greek life! From my experience, having an open and positive mindset going into the sorority recruitment process is the best way to go about it, no matter if you are a legacy, or if you are the first person in your family to be in greek life. The week itself is stressful because of all the parties and the mingling you’ll have to do, so trusting the process and sticking to the advice below will help keep you from going crazy.

When I was going through recruitment last year, I tried my best to keep an open mindset until the end of the week. When that first week comes to an end, you will have to narrow your options down to just two that you felt fit you the most. Hopefully, by then, you will have found the sorority where you feel most at home. Once bid day comes and you get your bid, you’ll feel a huge weight lifted off your shoulders and a wave of excitement while getting ready to meet your new sisters!

Figure Out Greek Life’s Level of Importance to You

In my personal experience, there were three types of people that I met who were going through the process with me. The first was that their mom or grandmother was in a certain sorority and they wanted to be in that exact one, the second was a girl that both of her parents were in greek life and is determined to be in an “elite” sorority, and the last was the girl who didn’t really care where they ended up but they just wanted to find their group of people.

Each of these types of people had their own worries and fears for the week that they were about to endure. In the grand scheme of things, greek life isn’t the end-all, be-all of your college experience. I know several people who are not in greek life, and they are having a wonderful college experience. The rankings of each sorority don’t mean anything in reality. Don’t put a lot of focus on the rankings when going through recruitment.

Trust the Process

My other piece of advice would be to trust the process. You will definitely hear that a lot during that week and the time leading up to it. I would hear it and roll my eyes because I thought it wouldn’t matter and it’s just something people told me to ease my stress. However, after going through recruitment, it turns out all of those people were giving me the best piece of advice. It took me a while to realize that it’s all a process, both the one you’re going through and for the organization.

When I mention that it’s all a process, recruitment is like watching artists paint. You start with a blank canvas and as the artist adds more color and designs to the painting it becomes clearer on what they want the audience to see. Who knows? Maybe your second choice is actually the best fit for you and you never would have known unless you chose to trust the process.

Ignore Negative Speak

Another piece of advice would be to ignore whatever your friends are saying about sororities during recruitment. Each sorority is different, and they might say something bad about the one you really like which could influence your decision. You should stick with what feels right in your heart and choose a sorority with the girls you best connect with. That is what sorority recruitment is all about-not just being in a sorority-but being a part of a group of people that you get along with and could be your friends for life.

Take Some Pressure Off

Don’t put so much pressure on yourself. This week is supposed to be about finding who you get along with and click with. It is nothing that will make or break your experience, it’s just an easier way to make friends and meet people. Keep in mind that all the girls around you are super stressed so keeping a calm presence could help others calm down as well. It can be a nice break from all the stress to take a moment to yourself and calm down. Some ideas that could be helpful are going to a coffee shop or a bookstore to chill once the day is done.

You could also find a quiet place on campus to spend some time alone. Another thing you could do is call your friends or family! Talking to someone you’re familiar with can help ease the stress of being with all these new people. Doing little stress-relieving exercises like taking deep breaths and journaling your thoughts are also two great ways to help yourself de-stress. Recruitment is a very stressful but exciting week, so making sure you are taking time to chill and get some pressure off yourself is important.

Stay Open-Minded

Keeping an open mind will save your (greek) life. One of the best things I did was not being close-minded about which sorority to join, and I love the one I’m in now. The most important aspect of choosing your sorority is finding that perfect fit for you. That place or group of girls that feel like home and make you both comfortable but also challenge you to grow, like a family should-These are your sisters after all. It’s also fun meeting other girls who are similar and having the possibility of being sisters with them!

Most Importantly, You DO You

My last piece of advice would be to be yourself. It sounds cheesy and you will definitely hear it a ton but make sure you take it to heart. The girls in the sorority want to get to know you just as much as you want to know them! These girls are just as nervous as you are so don’t think that they are under pressure as well to find the right new sisters! Sororities want girls who aren’t afraid to be themselves. Being yourself is the best way to help you find your sisterhood and meet your best friends.

Overall, recruitment week is stressful but exciting because meeting new people always is. My personal experience was different than most due to a fully virtual recruitment week (thank you 2020), but this year it will hopefully look different and mostly be in person. I know the sororities are buzzing and ready to have in-person recruitment again and have a new pledge class join them!

I'm an editorial intern at Potential Magazine. I am a sophomore public relations major at Auburn University with plans to pursue sports journalism when I graduate!

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