Careers in Food and Nutritional Science

What exactly is nutritional science?

If you said yes to any of the following, a career in food and nutritional science might be a great option for you!

Have a passion for making food accessible to all people?

Want to make a difference in the health industry?

Love to experiment and get your hands dirty?

What exactly is nutritional science? According to Dr. Norma Dawkins, a professor in Tuskegee University’s Food and Nutritional Science (FNS) Department, food and nutritional science is the study of the body’s utilization of food for growth and development, health, and well-being. In short, it’s the study of how food works and how our bodies use it. Tuskegee University’s FNS Department offers Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degrees in food science, nutritional science, dietetics, public health nutrition, and dual degrees in food science & biology or in nutritional science & biology. Who knew there was so much to learn about food!

Did you know? Tuskegee University is one of only two minority serving institutions in the state of Alabama with an Institute of Food Technology-approved program training African-Americans and other minorities to become food and nutritional science professionals.

Teirrah Stroman is currently pursuing a degree in nutritional science and dietetics at Tuskegee University. Check out what she has to say about the FNS program!

Why nutritional science? My love for the human body and how it works has always been a passion. After I changed my diet to plant-based, I really got to experience the benefits and joy of food. I noticed that when I used whole foods as a foundation for preventative care, illness was no longer plaguing my life. Food as medicine has influenced my understanding of disease, and shown me how I can help other people make healthier decisions. The human body is designed to work for us, not against us.

Why Tuskegee? Tuskegee University has a rich history of scholars and inventors— I chose Tuskegee because I intend to add to that rich history. I love how much our school, including those who founded it and those who have attended it, has changed the history of our nation. To be a part of a growing industry and to have school like Tuskegee University be the place where you learn, create, and apply your knowledge is an opportunity I wouldn’t want to miss out on. My favorite part about the FNS program is the support we receive from our program directors. I also really love that we get together and hold events to improve health and nutritional awareness at the University.

What’s Next? A future career goal of mine is to open my own practice and have a Holistic Health & Wellness Center. I hope to give guidance to people about how they can lead healthy lives, broaden their knowledge on preventative care, and help them develop healthy relationships with food.

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