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The New ACT: superscoring

Many students who are approaching graduation—and those helping them along the way—know that taking the ACT college entrance exam ranks among the top steps in a potentially overwhelming college application process.


Universities and colleges nationwide have the option to accept or not accept the ACT’s “superscore.” *ACT has postponed the launch of section retesting* “Auburn University at Montgomery (AUM) is among public universities using ACT’s concept of ‘superscoring’ because of its benefits to students,” said Ronnie McKinney, director of admissions and recruitment. AUM adopted “superscoring” during the university’s Spring 2020 semester. “Now, when Auburn University at Montgomery receives prospective students’ ACT test scores, the scores have their combined test scores to give them the best opportunity for admission and scholarships at our university,” McKinney said.

The benefit to the student can’t be ignored. A prospective student with an ACT score of 20 is eligible for scholarships worth $6,000 over four years. And with an ACT score of 23, the student can receive scholarships valued at $12,000 over four years at AUM. “By superscoring, high school ACT test-takers can put their best foot forward and present their best scores from each section of the test,” he said. “This best score when calculated could make their total ACT score several points higher. The higher a student’s ACT score, the more their scholarship opportunities increase and the amount they qualify for increases in value.”

While ACT’s new “superscore” can give universities insight into a student’s college readiness, McKinney said the greatest advantage to using the new scoring system is that it ensures students have the opportunity to really focus on improving in the areas they need to on the ACT while mapping out their college plans. Before starting out on their college application journey, McKinney recommends students check with their local ACT testing center to find out about testing options available.

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