The Benefits of High School Sports

The question often arises as to whether high school sports are beneficial to student productivity or if they inhibit time to focus on academics. According to an article in The New York Times, “Research shows that people who play high school sports get better jobs, with better pay. Benefits that last a lifetime.”

So to further answer that question, we have listed the benefits of high school sports for your future!


Teach Time Management & Responsibility
Time management is a key factor in building a successful life in the future. Participation in organized sports teaches you how
to manage your time wisely. You learn how to balance sports, studies, and other recreational activities which will serve you well in college and beyond.

Form Self-Discipline
One of the main skills that sports teach you is self-discipline. Sports teach you how when you apply yourself fully, you see results. Sports are also about consistency and practice—both of which are important in learning self-discipline.

Build Character
A team requires each member to be reliable, committed, and to show up. Sports teach you that you cannot be selfish when you are part of a team. This will also serve you well in future careers.

Teach Giving Your Best Effort
One thing both coaches and employers love to see is their team members/employees giving their best effort. Giving your best in the sport you play is your main goal. You learn how hard work and going the extra mile pays off and will continue to pay off in the long run.

Teach Decision Making
Sports teach you how to be decisive during any situation. In most sports, you will have to make a decision quickly about the next move you’re going to make. This will help you in college and your future career when you have to make an important decision on what that next step should be.

Require Commitment
Sports’ rosters often only take a limited number of athletes and sports are not cheap, so commitment is very important. For sports that have a limited roster or require a specific number of players, teammates can’t just decide after two practices they don’t want to play anymore. You made a commitment and are encouraged to see it through.

Teach Teamwork
Two of the biggest takeaways from sports are teamwork and social interaction. You learn how to respect other people and encourage them to do their best. You never want one of your teammates to fail so you learn how to work together no matter the difficulties or adjustments it requires. You learn it is always about what is best for the team.

Teach Effective Communication
This is so important when it comes to putting plays into motion during a game. You learn how to communicate with your teammates in order to carry out the play and reach the desired goal. You also learn how to identify and apply strengths and weaknesses.

Enhance Academic Performance
Team sports are an important learning environment for teenagers. Numerous research studies show that teens who are active in sports also perform better at school. It helps that most athletic programs require you to maintain a certain GPA to play in a game or remain on the team. Most sports also hold mandatory study halls or tutoring lessons to keep you accountable.

Contribute to Future Success
Being a part of a disciplined team in some of the most formative years of your life helps you gain confidence working in a team environment and develop better leadership, time-management, and organizational skills.


Along with these many benefits, sports can also help you earn scholarship money to help you pay for college. Extra college funding is never a bad thing!

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