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Teen Spotlight: Zoey Hutto

stats: 17, Senior at Wetumpka High School

notable: Senior Class Treasurer, DECA Vice President, Varsity Cheer Captain

quotable:  “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” – Franklin D.Roosevelt

her story: Zoey has a role in pretty much everything Wetumpka High School has to offer—from cheer and yearbook to golf and student government. She regularly volunteers her time to the school and the student body, organizing and facilitating events such as the WHS Dance Clinic and the Class of 2019’s powderpuff football game. Her sense of community doesn’t stop at school, though. She is actively involved in volunteering her time and services at Elmore County community events, such as Christmas on the Coosa Character Breakfast and the Paint the Park Fundraiser. She also volunteered with the Ride for the Squad Scholarship Foundation annual fundraiser, assisting in raising more than $45,000 in honor of three WHS students who passed away: Austin Augustine, Hoyt Hardin, and Dillan Beiber. Zoey explains that she wants to be remembered: “by always being there to listen to anyone and always giving people a fair shot at what they deserve.”

what’s next: Zoey wants to be a speech-language pathologist. She explains, “I plan to attend the University of Alabama and earn my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in speech-language pathology from the Department of Communication Disorders.”

PG (parental guidance) rating: “We always put each other first even though our lives can be very busy and hectic.” She adds, “My father has provided me with the most inspiration. He taught me you can come from nothing and achieve everything.”

parents’ perspective:  Joey remarks, “My daughter has learned that being a good person is more important than having an elite title. Regardless of if it’s the CEO, the janitor, or the receptionist- treat them with equal respect. They are first and foremost a person, and should be treated as such.”

parent-to-parent: “Encourage your child to chase their dreams. Have them define what success will look like, establish a reasonable plan to achieve these goals, and support them. Their ideas and dreams will change, but values you instill in them will be there for a lifetime.”

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