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Teen Spotlight: Wonmin Song

Wonmin Song
Eastwood Christian School teen spotlight


18, Senior at Eastwood Christian School


  • Math Club President
  • Model Student Award Recipient
  • Studying Abroad from South Korea
  • School Math Olympiad


“Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.” – Albert Einstein

her story:

Wonmin Song is studying abroad at Eastwood Christian School from South Korea. Her favorite thing about Eastwood is how Christianity is emphasized more than anything. “From Monday assembly to different kinds of chapels and even in the class, we are raised to be the children of God.” She had this advice to share with incoming freshmen, “Be yourself and find real friends for all the precious memories you will build in highschool.” She wants to be remembered as a person who followed passion, love, and happiness.

what’s next:

Wonmin wants to be an astrophysicist. She is fascinated with the Universe. She shares, “I would love to know more about it, especially about space and time. When I couldn’t find meaning in my life, the irony the universe implies—each one of us is so precious in God’s eyes although we are much more humble than a mere dust in the galaxy—helped me realize God’s enormous love. It also let me discover my own path to glorify him as an astrophysicist, helping more people awe at his grace.”

PG (parental guidance) rating:

When asked what makes her proud of her parents, Wonmin answered, “My parents raised me and my sister to be responsible and independent Christians. They respect me as an independent individual. Also, my family is really supportive of me and my decisions. Wherever I am, I feel like my supportive family and God are always with me.”

parent’s perspective:

Her host parents expressed that they admire Wonmin for “her tenacity and perseverance. She has left the comfort and security of her home and her country to study in a country where the language and customs are markedly different from what she has known. She is thriving in this pursuit, and continues to learn and grow daily.”


Lain and Milton Hodges had this advice for other parents, “From our point of view, praying for our children, giving them Biblical guidance, and encouraging them when they are discouraged is the best path to success. We also seek to help them define what their potential is and how to move in that direction.

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