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Teen Spotlight: Sam Prickett

stats: 17, Senior at Saint James School

notable: Saint James Peer Leader 2018 Boys State Delegate University of Alabama Capstone Leadership Academy quotable “It’s not over ‘til it’s over.”

his story: Sam is a member of Saint James’s varsity tennis team, and credits the sport with inspiring him. He explained, “Tennis serves as an inspiration since I’ve learned many lessons from it. I’ve learned to think outside the box to win points, which improved my creativity. I’ve learned to never give up no matter how hard something is.” Outside of tennis, he has a role in several different organizations at STJ, including Mu Alpha Theta, the peer leader program, and Art Honor Society. In addition, he serves as treasurer of the National Honor Society. Sam appreciates the learning environment STJ provides, and shared, “I like the variety of courses and activities that are offered. I also like the opportunity to participate in things such as Youth Judicial.” As a result of his hard work and academic success, Sam was nominated and chosen to attend The University of Alabama’s Capstone Leadership Academy- a selective leadership event for high schoolers held on UA’s campus each spring.

what’s next: Sam remarked, “I have wanted to be a doctor for as long as I can remember. In 6th grade science, I became interested in neurosurgery, and have wanted to do that since then. My plans are to attend medical school after college.” During college, Sam hopes to study abroad in Europe.

PG (parental guidance) rating: Sam is proud of the support he receives from his family.

parents’ perspective: Michael and Melissa admire Sam’s “character, integrity, determination, work ethic, and passion for serving others.” Melissa added, “He is disciplined and has achieved all the goals he has set. He is well-rounded, honest, and witty.”

parent-to-parent: “No parent is perfect, but be the best you can be. Help them find what they are interested in, provide them with different opportunities, and support them in all they do. Teach them the importance of being kind, serving others, and working hard.

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