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Teen Spotlight: Reece Solar

stats: 17, Senior at Alabama Christian Academy

notable: WSFA Fever Star Athlete of the Week Landmark Church Youth Ministry Member Fellowship of Christian Athletes Member

quotable: “I don’t have a motto, but I can say that I love the passage of scripture found in Micah 6:8: Be a man, act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with my God.”

his story: Reece has played sports since he was four years old, and has been drawn to some kind of ball ever since he was old enough to hold one. At Alabama Christian Academy, he’s an all-star athlete and a member of the varsity basketball, baseball, and football teams. He serves as one of ACA’s Athletic Ambassadors and is a part of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes organization. When he’s not practicing for the next big game, Reece enjoys participating in ACA’s K4-K5 Buddy program and serving with the Youth Ministry at Landmark Church. Both on and off the fields, what Reece loves most about his school is the “Christian atmosphere and Christian teachers.” He explained, “They are very caring and have the students best interest at heart.”

what’s next: Reece isn’t sure what he wants to do for a living, but he’s considering attending Samford University and pursuing something in the field of sports medicine.

PG (parental guidance) rating: Reece shared, “My parents have taught me everything I know. They have honestly taught me how to live life and how to treat people.” He added, “We try hard to be a humble family. We don’t want to be known as boastful people.

parents’ perspective: Stephanie and Rick admire Reece’s passion for what he does. Stephanie explained, “His teammates at ACA call him The Shepherd because of his quiet but guiding leadership. His coaches love this about him, and proudly refer to him as Shep.” She continued, “We never hear him brag or even talk about any accomplishment or award he receives because he really believes it is not on him alone.”

parent-to-parent: “Teach, encourage, celebrate, cry, and love constantly. Allow mistakes, even big ones, but use them as educational opportunities. They know we are not perfect, so it is more important to let them see how we deal with our mistakes than to act as if we don’t have flaws.

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