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Teen Spotlight: Priscila Avila

name: Priscila Avila


17, Senior at Tallassee High School


  • A Honor Roll 9th-10th
  • AB Honor Roll 11th
  • Class Rank 5 out 111
  • GPA 4.12


“If you have a dream, then you shouldn’t give up no matter what. You can’t be successful if you don’t fail.”

her story

When asked her favorite thing about attending Tallassee High School, Priscila shared, “My favorite thing about attending my school is getting to learn something new everyday.” Priscila excels academically and is ranked number five in her class of 111 students. With her 4.12 grade point average, she has been added to the A Honor Roll and AB Honor Roll. Priscila recently joined Tallassee’s first ever girl’s soccer team. When asked what most people don’t know about her, Priscila shared, “Most people see me as ‘quiet’, but I am extroverted when I am with friends and people I am close with.” She had this advice for incoming freshmen: “Take it one day at a time. Enjoy your four years because they go by fast. Surround yourself with people who uplift and support you.”

what’s next

Priscila shared that she is interested in pursuing a career in nursing after high school. When asked what got her interested in the career field, she explained that she was drawn to nursing because of the thought of helping others.

PG (parental guidance) rating

Priscila is proud of the culture she comes from. When asked who has inspired her the most in her life, Priscila answered, “My parents have provided the most inspiration in my life because they support the decisions I make.”

parents’ perspective

Priscila’s parents, Juan and Magdalena Avila, shared that they admire how smart and hard working Priscila is. They are proud of the way she treats others, her kindness, and her view of life. Magdalena shared, “My role has been by educating, reminding her to stay on track, and supporting her through everything.”


Magdalena had this advice for other parents: “As a parent, I would say the same thing I tell my daughter, parents should support their child through everything.”

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