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Teen Spotlight: Patrick Whetstone

Stats: 18, Senior at Saint James School


  • National Honor Society
  • Latin Honor Society
  • National Technical Honor Society
  • Mu Alpha Theta
  • University of Alabama’s Foundation in Excellence Scholarship qualifier

Quotable: “A mind is like a parachute: It doesn’t work if it isn’t open”- Frank Zappa

His Story: Patrick shared that his favorite thing about attending Saint James is being surrounded by friends and classmates who are always willing to help. He is the team captain of the school tennis team and a part of the Saint James Student Ambassadors. He and his doubles partner won the Line 3 Doubles State championship for 1A-3A, and Patrick was state runner-up for line 6 singles 1A-3A in Tennis. He shared, “One thing most people don’t know about me is that I love to travel and experience other cultures than just my own.” He encourages freshmen to “Take care of your grades right when you enter into high school. It will help more than you know to build a hard foundation for your GPA when you are in 9th grade.”

What’s Next: After high school, Patrick wants to pursue a career in business because of the degree’s diversity. He wants to be remembered for being successful and hard working.

PG (Parental Guidance) Rating: Patrick stated, “I’m proud of my family because of the things they have created. My mom started a pet sitting business called Happy at Home, and my dad started an automotive business from scratch. My stepdad founded Hoops League, a youth basketball league.” His grandfather, Bob Moore has influenced him most with being persistent and paying close attention to detail.

Parents’ Perspective: Katherine and Stephen acknowledged that “Patrick is a problem solver. If something needs to be done, he takes the initiative and handles it himself. He is confident, yet humble, intrinsically motivated, plans ahead, perseveres through challenges, and has a positive attitude and outlook on life. But what we admire most about Patrick is that people are his priority.”

Parent to Parent: Katherine Barranco encourages parents to “Pay attention to their children’s gifts and interests early on and help them to discover and identify what they are. Parent with grace. They’re going to make mistakes. Failure is part of life. Help them to learn from it and try again.”

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