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Teen Spotlight: McKenzie Higgenbotham

stats: 18, Senior at Eastwood Christian School

notable: Freshman Jimmy Hitchcock Nominee Alabama Girls’ State School Representative Student Government Association Secretary

quotable: “Work hard, love others, and choose to be joyful in all circumstances.”

her story: McKenzie’s participation at Eastwood spans over a wide variety of activities and subjects. She shared, “I participated in my school’s spring musical productions of Les Miserables, The Music Man, and Fiddler on the Roof, in which I held both main and supporting roles. I am also a part of the beta club and math club.” Volleyball is one of her many strengths—she rose through the ranks from the junior varsity team to the varsity team, where she now serves as captain. Outside of Eastwood, McKenzie volunteers her time at Brain Pump Children’s Exercise Class and leads the youth group worship band at her church. She participated in the Distinguished Young Women’s Little Sisters Program for two years and competed as a participant in the DYW Program, this year.

what’s next: “I would like to become a physical therapist and also continue the research my mom is pursuing in children’s exercise.”

PG (parental guidance) rating: “The best advice I’ve ever received is probably from my parents and youth group leader Adam Coppock. They told me this: I am not perfect. There are going to be times when I fail, but it’s how I respond when I fail that shows my character. As someone who struggles with perfectionism, this is a daily struggle for me, but by taking this advice, I am able to get back up again and give it my best.”

parents’ perspective: Tiffany and Keith shared, “We can honestly say that we have never seen McKenzie give up or quit anything that she has ever tried.” They are also proud of her “maturity beyond her years” and her work ethic.

parent-to-parent: “Remember that you are not called to be your child’s best friend, but to parent them. You are raising them to leave you one day and be a productive member of society. Teach them to be kind and thankful, and that the world does not revolve around them.

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