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Teen Spotlight: Maddie Jeffery

Teen Spotlight: Maddie Jeffery

stats: 18, Senior at Prattville Christian Academy


  • 2022 National Merit Finalist
  • College Board National Rural and Small Town Recognition Program 2021-2022 Scholar
  • 4-event AL State Medalist for Science Olympiad B-Division
  • Two-time individual State qualifier for Cross Country

quotable: “Appreciate your missteps for what they are: stepping stones on your path.”

her story: Maddie shared that her favorite part about attending PCA is “the incredible opportunity to form deep student-faculty relationships. The teachers and staff truly care about the students in and out of the classroom. The environment is truly welcoming and caring, and I always know that there are people who are willing to listen and help me if I need them.” She shared that she is a travel-fanatic and one of her favorite trips was paragliding in the Bavarian Alps of Germany when she was 14!

what’s next: Maddie shared, “I want to be a traveling biological researcher and a youth fiction novelist on the side! My passions have always been interdisciplinary, but I can’t help but constantly be inspired by life’s diversity. I would love to get involved in conserving or studying endangered ecosystems and animal life worldwide, and traveling while doing so would allow me to always be learning, growing, and influencing.

PG (parental guidance) rating: Maddie is proud of her family’s resiliency in adapting to change and distance. “With both of my parents being in the military, it is very typical for me to only have one parent present in the house at a time, but I have learned that bonds do not disappear with geographical boundaries.”

parent’s perspective: Maddie’s parents, Linda and David, shared, “Maddie is self-motivated and driven to do her best in everything she attempts, but she is also compassionate and wants to help others achieve their best.”

parent-to-parent: Linda and David had this advice for other parents, “Having an amazing athlete or exceptionally bright child is a gift, but helping them see beyond themselves to how they can use their talent for the betterment of their team, class-mates, school, church or community will help them reach further.”

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