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Teen Spotlight: Katie Roberts

stats: 17, Junior at Edgewood Academy

notable: Joe Sewell Memorial Certificate Recipient 2017 AISA All-Metro Volleyball Team Member Junior Class President

quotable: “Life may not always be the party we hoped for, but while we are here we should dance.”

her story: Katie is making the most of her time spent at Edgewood Academy. She serves as President of the Junior Class and is a member of a variety of teams and clubs, including the volleyball team, the basketball team, drama club, and Spanish club. Her favorite thing about attending Edgewood? “My friends are the best part of every day. I also appreciate my teachers who have encouraged me and helped me to achieve my goals.” When asked to share who has inspired her the most to work so hard and be so involved in school activities, Katie answered, “My parents. They are both such hard workers, and they always strive to show me what a Christ-centered life looks like.” She added, “My great grandmother taught me the importance of living a life you can be proud of. And if you are not, to find the strength to start over again.”

what’s next: Katie hopes to attend the University of Alabama. She shared, “I plan to be a pediatrician. I have always had a passion for helping others, I love working with children, and I am fascinated with all things related to the medical field.”

PG (parental guidance) rating: “I am proud of the way my family is always there for one another. We always make time for each other and make that a priority. My family supports me in everything I do.”

parents’ perspective: Holly explained, “From very early on, Katie has been confident in herself. She takes the initiative to reach goals and doesn’t quit until she is successful. She knows who she is, centers her life on Christ, and refuses to compromise.” Brian added, “I admire Katie’s honesty, work ethic, and determination.”

parent-to-parent: “Since these wonderful blessings do not come with instruction manuals when you leave the hospital with them, just do what comes naturally. Even when you make mistakes as a parent, you can use those moments to teach grace, respect, and forgiveness.”

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