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Teen Spotlight: Jun Choi

stats: 17, Senior at Saint James School


  • Varsity Cross Country Top Rookie award
  • Student Ambassador
  • National, Latin, Technical, and Mathematical Honor Societies

quotable: “Rest at the end, not in the middle.”

his story: Jun’s favorite thing about attending Saint James School is how supportive and welcoming the teachers and students are, which motivates Jun to become a better student and a better person. He is a member of the International Club and president of the Saint James Math Club. He has placed in a few math competitions such as the Alabama Statewide Mathematics Contest, High School Amp’d Challenge, and TEAMS. Jun has participated in varsity track, cross country, and is the team captain of the varsity soccer team which placed 2nd in the 2020 Capital of Dreams High School Soccer Classic. Jun is currently the president of Mu Alpha Theta and has volunteered at the Korean School at Halcyon Elementary School for more than a year.

what’s next: Jun shared that after he graduates, he wants to become either an electrical or mechanical engineer. When asked what sparked this interest, Jun answered, “I was always interested in science, especially in the study of human-made objects like machines. I wanted to know how to build them and how they function, and soon realized that I want to pursue my profession in the engineering field. Also, my dad is an engineer, which helped me a lot in gaining interest in engineering.”

PG (parental guidance) rating: Jun is proud that his family is from Korea. He explained, “Even though a lot of families live outside of their native countries, I still think it’s not easy for a family to live in a country that they are not familiar with.”

parent’s perspective: His parents expressed “Jun is a child with a strong desire to achieve his goals. If he commits to something, he puts a lot of effort into it to achieve it. When Jun is given a certain task or assignment, he tends to place more importance on the purpose and process of the task or assignment, rather than the outcome.”

parent-to-parent: SeongGil Choi and Kyung Park had this advice for other parents, “Children remember even the smallest actions of their parents, which affects them greatly, so I think it is very important to be exemplary and supportive.

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