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Teen Spotlight: Janet Breckenridge

stats: 17, Senior at LAMP High School

notable: Bridge Builders of Alabama Co-President, Montgomery Humane Society Volunteer, National Honor Society Treasurer

quotable: “Carpe diem- seize the day.” Janet explains, “When I first saw these words in a Phineas and Ferb episode, I decided to apply it to my life immediately. No longer did I sit around and wait, I learned I could do things on my own!”

her story: Janet is a member of several honor societies, and holds leadership positions in Drama Club, Anime Club, and Glee Club. She credits her Epistemology teacher, Mr. Michael Thornton, with providing her the most guidance and inspiration in her high school life, sharing, “My teacher made a comment that changed my perspective on the separation of math and art- that there was no divide. It was at this moment that I knew I wanted to study math to apply to art.” Janet is dedicated to improving the world she lives in. She volunteers at the Montgomery Humane Society and Fort Rucker and has been very politically active, petitioning to Alabama Senators for Net Neutrality and organizing a rally for Montgomery teens. In all that she does, Janet wants to be known as “a muse- an inspiration to others.” She adds, “I want people to see and remember the best in me.”

what’s next: “I’d like to be able to apply many of my areas of interest to my career- and I have a lot! I love philosophical math, creative writing, musical theatre, pattern-based art, and psychology.”

PG (parental guidance) rating: “I am very glad that my mom and dad went against societal norms and started dating. They married during a time in Korea when it wasn’t common or widely accepted to marry a foreigner.”

parents’ perspective: Jami is proud of Janet’s “creativity, compassion, and desire to help others.”

parent-to-parent: “Be keen students of your children and encourage them to pursue what they love.” James and Jami raised Janet to study hard, and study what she loves, as well as give generously to others. They recommend other parents do the same for their children.

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