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Teen Spotlight: Izabella Janush Hernandez



17, Senior at Saint James School


  • Scholastic Gold Key and Silver Key
  • Painting Exhibited at MMFA
  • National & Latin Honor Societies
  • National Art Honor Society


“All in time.” This saying helps Izabella remember to not get upset over something she has no control over.

her story

Izabella shared her favorite thing about attending Saint James School is the art program. “I have been in the art program since 7th grade. Here, I have learned to use countless mediums, techniques, and expand my artistic abilities.” She has received various awards for her artwork. In addition to her being the winner of the 2020 Southern Teachers Agency Calendar Art Contest, Izabella also placed 2nd in acrylic painting and 3rd in charcoal drawing at the 2020 Alabama National Fair. But art isn’t all she does, she also plays tennis and enjoys cooking and baking. She advises freshmen to always try new things and prioritize mental health.

what’s next

Izabella shared, “I want to earn a Ph.D. in psychology and become a criminal profiler. I would like to either work for a private practice as a consultant or for a bigger corporation, like the FBI.”

PG (parental guidance) rating

Izabella shared “I’m extremely proud of my family’s Ukrainian and Polish heritage! I have grown up participating in holiday traditions, some of my favorites being during the Easter season, speaking Ukrainian, and cooking ethnic food. My mom has truly provided the most inspiration in my life. Because of her, I have learned to be myself and not worry about pleasing others.”

parents' perspective

Izabella’s mother shared, “Izabella is a young woman of clear convictions. She is steadfast in her beliefs and defends them with targeted precision and heartfelt grace. I admire the manner in which she clearly and precisely articulates her point of view in an unwavering manner. She has tenacity and resilience in the face of opposing opinions.”


Rachelle Janush had this advice for other parents, “First establish a baseline by introducing a child to church, then continue to love, guide, and discipline the youth. Monitor your child’s activities, friends, and education. Encourage your child and love with the deepest devotion.”

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