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Teen Spotlight: Hayden Holladay

Hayden Holladay

stats: 17, Senior at Alabama Christian Academy


  • 1st Chair in Advanced Band
  • Sound of the South Best Overall Advanced Color Guard Award
  • ACA Color Guard Captain

quotable: “Be yourself, and do you.”

her story: Hayden’s favorite thing about attending ACA is the relationships and bonds developed over the school year. At her school, she is involved in marching band/advanced band, color guard, theatre, National Honor Society, Student Government Association, chorus, and chamber choir. She wants to be remembered for her love and passion for bringing joy by giving back to the community and loving every part of her family and friends. When asked what advice she would give to incoming freshmen, Hayden answered, “I would tell them to never let others get you down because of who you are. You are a beautiful, unique person who deserves to be themselves.”

what’s next: After high school, Hayden wants to become a robotics engineer for Disney Company. She realized, “I wanted to bring the same joy I found at Disney and create things that would bring smiles and spark the imagination of another ten-year-old to keep the dream alive.”

PG (parental guidance) rating: Hayden shared her appreciation for her parents by saying, “I am very proud that my family is very close. I am also very proud that my parents raised me and my brother to think for ourselves and to be independent.” Her mom is her biggest inspiration after beating stage 4 breast cancer.

parent’s perspective: Hayden’s parents expressed they admire that, “She doesn’t think like anyone else around her; she is very unique and creative. She is a strong, caring leader who is admired by her peers as well as adults. When she gets involved in an activity, she always puts her whole self into it and tries to make it the best situation possible.”
parent-to-parent: Trey and Heather Holladay gave this advice to other parents, “Accept them for who they are and continually encourage them even if the ideas they have are different than yours. Let them experience sports, music, the arts, or whatever they may be interested in.”

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