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Teen Spotlight: Gracie Barranco

Gracie Barranco
Teen spotlight from Montgomery Catholic Preparatory School


18, Senior at Montgomery Catholic Preparatory School


  • National Honors Society
  • 2020 AP Scholar
  • 9th-12th Honor Roll
  • Brittany Shepard Pugh Award Youth Legislature


“Only dead fish go with the flow.” – Andy Hunt

her story:

Gracie Barranco shared her favorite thing about Montgomery Catholic is that it “forms the whole student. I feel confident that I, along with my peers, will be formed academically, spiritually, and professionally. Given that my faith is the most important thing in my life, I feel so grateful that Montgomery Catholic helps me grow in it each and every day.” Gracie has five brothers (four older, one younger). She identifies her biggest influencers as her mom and dad and strives to apply their lessons and characteristics to her life. Gracie wants to be remembered as a nice person and someone who gave more than she took.

what’s next:

Gracie has declared her major as “supply chain management”.  She shared, “I most definitely want to stay in the business school throughout college. Whether I go straight into being employed in supply chain management or possibly go to law school, I’m not sure yet! My dad and all of my older brothers have done something in the business school, and I have watched them absolutely kill it. My dad has shown me how much growth potential there is in business, so that is what ultimately inspired me. Supply chain specifically was inspired by my older brother Will because I have witnessed his success.”

PG (parental guidance) rating:

Gracie admires that her family is extremely faithful. She shares, “They are always there for each other no matter what. I admire their loyalty to Jesus Christ and to one another.”

parent’s perspective:

Her parents expressed “We admire her sense of adventure, drive, independent thinking, and kindness. She is a planner and a doer. Gracie is unique in that she doesn’t really ‘go with the flow’. She’s not overly influenced by her peer group, but instead charts her own path to follow.”


Mike and Judy Barranco had this advice for other parents, “If we had to choose one piece of advice, it would be to love your children unconditionally. We feel providing un-conditional love through mistakes, setbacks, achievements or accolades is a key factor to a child reaching their potential.

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