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Teen Spotlight: Ethan Senn

stats: 18, Senior at Satsuma High School

notable: Satsuma High School Yearbook Editor, National Honor Society Member, Camp Seale Harris Counselor

quotable: “Everything is for the taking, but are you willing to work for it?”

his story: Although Ethan was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, he strongly believes that it doesn’t make him different from anyone else. He explains, “People don’t seem to get that it’s not because I’m fat or because I eat complete junk- it’s completely genetic. It fills me with pride knowing that kids look up to me to show them it isn’t so bad after all.” Ethan uses his experience in dealing with Type 1 Diabetes to mentor and serve as a counselor to kids at Camp Seale Harris, a diabetes camp. In addition to volunteering his time and services at the camp, Ethan takes part in various community service projects and manages the lighting and sound systems at his church. At Satsuma High School, he serves as the editor of the school’s yearbook, a role he has grown to love. He adds, “I am also on the golf team. I just started last year, but I seem to be a natural at it.”

what’s next: “My goal for the moment, and for a while, has been to become a physician. I would love to be a pediatric endocrinologist, but I also want to be an ER doctor because I want to help everyone. I don’t want to just sit around and wait for a change- I want to be the change.”

PG (parental guidance) rating: “I appreciate the amount of time my parents put in to help me, and how much they really want me to succeed. I really appreciate how much they push me to be my best and to make sure I show kindness to everyone I meet.”

parents’ perspective: “Ethan truly has an unconditionally loving heart. My heart is filled with pride and joy as so many people from the community tell me how kind he is to them, and how he volunteers to help them in one way or another.”

parent-to-parent: Sabrina and Lonnie share, “Communication is so important. Teach your child to look at a situation in multiple ways, to be grateful for the little things, and to help others even when no one is looking.”

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