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Teen Spotlight: Ethan Morris

stats: 18, Senior at Prattville Christian Academy

notable: Washington Journalism and Media Conference Youth Advisory Board Member, Speech and Debate Team President, National Merit Scholar Commended Student

quotable: “The worst anybody can say is no. There’s no use scaring yourself away from opportunities— try to do everything, because the worst that can happen is rejection.”

his story: Ethan is paving his way to a career in journalism. He is president of the speech and debate team at Prattville Christian Academy, and serves as a Youth Advisory Board Member for the Washington Journalism and Media Conference. He explained, “On one level, I want to make a name for myself as a powerful political journalist. I want to be mentioned when people talk about their favorite journalists. On another level, I don’t really care whether or not I’m remembered by the masses. I’d rather be remembered by those that are important to me for the way I impacted them.” When asked to share his thoughts on attending PCA, Ethan shared, “My favorite part about PCA is the supportive staff. Mrs. Dean, the guidance counselor, has been very supportive and helpful through my college application process, even though my process differs greatly from that of my peers.”

what’s next: “I’d like to be a journalist right out of college, and a student journalist in college. Long term, I’d like to be a political analyst and write literary analyses and fiction on the side.”

PG (parental guidance) rating: Ethan shared, “My family has always encouraged me to pursue new interests without getting upset with me if they don’t pan out. I’m not a quitter, but I know when something isn’t worth my time.”

parents’ perspective: Alyssa explained, “I most admire that Ethan thinks for himself and isn’t afraid to share his views with others, even when they might not agree.”

parent-to-parent: “Being a parent has taught me to pick my battles and have patience. If my kids wanted a hairstyle I didn’t think I would like, it didn’t matter. They’re discovering, creating, and reaching for their own dreams— not mine. I was never brave enough to reach for my own dreams, and I’ve been determined that my children never look back and say the same.”

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