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Teen Spotlight: Emily Butler

stats: 16, Junior at Everest Academy

notable: Trinitas Tech Robotics Team CEO, Youth Leadership Shoals Participant, Next Generation Dance Team Member

quotable: “My motto is one I’ve formed myself. It’s I do because I am. In short, this means that I can extend kindness because I have received kindness. I can love because I am loved. I can forgive because I am forgiven.”

her story: Emily isn’t afraid to work hard for what she loves- and it shows. She won both High Gold and Platinum medals in several dance competitions, for both group and solo numbers. In addition to dance, Emily is involved in tech and robotics. She explains, “I had the honor of leading a BEST Robotics team, Trinitas Tech, to regionals within our first year of competing. We won Top-Scoring Rookie Team, Middle School Best of the BEST Award, 3rd overall in our trade show booth, and last but not least 4th overall out of 26 other robotics teams in the Shoals Area.” Emily is always looking for ways to become a better leader. She shares, “I’m involved in Youth Leadership Shoals, which is a program run by the Shoals Chamber of Commerce. There, I learn the history of the Shoals area, how to be a leader, and how to build beneficial relationships with teens who are passionate about making the world a better place.”

what’s next: “I’ve always wanted to teach dance. I just really want to give back the love of dance that was so freely given to me.”

PG (parental guidance) rating: “My family has always done great things for others. They’ve taught me about the joy that comes from serving in soup kitchens and holding fundraisers. It’s such a blessing to have been raised by a family that always lends a helping hand.”

parents’ perspective:  Scott and Emily share, “Emily never loses sight of others. She notices people, she thinks of them, and she cares for them. From great-grandparents to friends, she is always doing for others.”

parent-to-parent: “We have to stop looking at other parents and either judging them, or the opposite, judging ourselves in comparison. Parenting is personal, individual, and never-ending.

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