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Teen Spotlight: Ciera Thompson

Ciera Thompson

stats: 16, Junior at Florence High School

notable: University of Alabama Capstone Leadership Selection, FBLA Vice President, Culverhouse Majors Awareness Program Member

quotable: “Prayer and preparation are my personal mission. I can do all things with Christ who strengthens me. That is where the prayer comes in. My part is the preparation- I need to be prepared for whatever opportunity comes my way.”

her story: Ciera’s love for fashion has been apparent since the beginning- she has been sewing since the age of seven, and began selling purses at nine. As her skills have improved, she has won several awards for her sewing, including first place in the North Alabama State Fair’s sewing competition and first place in an Alabama Quilter’s competition. At Florence High School, she is the FLBA Vice President, FCCLA Vice President of Finance, and member of the women’s varsity basketball team. She shares, “The things that have provided me with the most inspiration in my life are the things I have been unsuccessful at. I know that sounds strange, but I learned at a young age that I am never in competition with anyone but myself. What I achieve or fail to achieve is not based on anyone’s performance but my own.”

what’s next: “I want to be an accountant, and I eventually want to open my own fashion design company.” She explains, “My love for fashion started with sewing with both my grandmothers. I learned as much as they were willing to teach me, and then I started taking classes at local places.”

PG (parental guidance) rating: “If I had to pick a person that inspires me to learn from my mistakes, it would be my mother. She is there to pick me up, and we are even able to laugh about it after the tears.” Ciera appreciates that her family is perseverant and is able to stick to a task until it’s done.

parents’ perspective: Christopher and Sarita admire Ciera’s compassion and self-motivation. Sarita adds, “Ciera is humble and gracious. She never wants the focus to be totally about her, and she is always mindful of others and how they feel.”

parent-to-parent: “Parenting is hard work that does not come with a manual,” Sarita shares. “I would advise parents not to pattern their style after anyone else. No child is like any other child, so what works for one parent may not work for you.

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