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Teen Spotlight: Cet-Ki Williams

stats: 17, Junior at Evangel Christian Academy

Resurrection Catholic Church Youth Advisory Council Chaplain, Salvation Army Volunteer, Key Club Webmaster

quotable: Cet-Ki lives by these words: “You never know what you are good at unless you try.”

his story: Cet-Ki is passionate about photography- his work has been displayed at the Kentuck Festival, the Wynton Blount Cultural Center, the Armory Learning Arts Center, and Jackson Hospital. He serves on the Youth Advisory Council at Resurrection Catholic Church and volunteers at the Salvation Army in his spare time. At Evangel Christian Academy, Cet-Ki serves as the webmaster for Key Club. He enjoys participating in oratorical contests and has received first place awards for several years in a row. Cet-Ki participates in such a wide variety of extracurricular activities as a result of advice his grandfather gave him: “Always look for an opportunity to learn and get involved in different things. That is a great way to discover your passion.”

what’s next: “I want to be a cyber criminologist and work for the FBI.” He explains, “I feel that with the latest advancements in technology, crimes committed online are happening more frequently. In becoming a cyber criminologist, I can help catch criminals that hide behind their computers.”

PG (parental guidance) rating: “My family members are humble people who do not mind standing up and taking charge. They never expect recognition for simply doing what’s right. They are successful, educated people who can easily be called role models. They have instilled these qualities in me.” He adds, “My mother has provided the most inspiration in my life. She continues to give me much-needed advice and loving support.”

parents’ perspective: When asked what she admires most about Cet-Ki, Felicia responded, “He is very humble and really cares about things most teens do not consider to be important, like spending time with his family. I can remember when he turned sixteen last year. I wanted to plan a large party with his friends. He quickly informed me that he would prefer going out with his family instead.”

parent-to-parent: Felicia and Cedric stress the importance of seeing your child as an individual, emphasizing, “Never use someone else’s child as a measuring stick for your child. Each child has their own unique qualities and traits.

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