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Teen Spotlight: Carly Hornsby

Carly Hornsby

stats: 17, Senior at Tallassee High School


  • Ranked #1 in Senior Class
  • THS Majorette Captain
  • DIVAS Dance Captain
  • Excellence in Character Award

quotable: “As water reflects the face, so one’s life reflects the heart.” -Proverbs 27:19

her story: Carly loves attending Tallassee High School because of how small the community is. She shared, “I love that everyone knows each other and we support one another through everything.” At her school, she is a member of the concert and marching band, DIVAS Show Choir, Women’s Choir, YearbookStaff, National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, and is a THS Majorette. She is a Majorette captain and has been baton-twirling since she was three years old. Carly is also a DIVAS Dance Captain and Yearbook Editor. She shared, “I want to be remembered as a friend to everyone who always had a hard work ethic and remained true to her Christian faith.”

what’s next: After high school, Carly wants to pursue a profession in the medical field. Since she was a little girl, she was always intrigued by the medical field.

PG (parental guidance) rating: Carly shared her appreciation for her parents by saying, “The constant encouragement and support that my family gives me is definitely one of the biggest reasons that makes me proud of my family.” The best advice she ever received was from her mom who has told her ever since she was young, ‘You can do whatever you want if you believe in yourself and stay confident in yourself.”

parent’s perspective: Carly’s parents expressed, “She is an amazing daughter and we admire her determination, work ethic, integrity, and her character. She is strong in her faith and has a big heart. She makes her own decisions and does not have to follow the crowd. Her willingness to work hard to achieve her dreams is truly inspiring. She has set goals and she is determined to make it happen.”

parent-to-parent: Clint and Jennifer Hornsby gave this advice to other parents, “Many life disappointments will happen, but how we react is more important. I always remind her of bible verses or quotes to help her with life’s challenges. Keep your child growing in their Christian walk.

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