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Teen Spotlight: Caleb Wilkinson

stats: 16, Sophomore at Churchill Academy

notable: Honor Roll, Student Character Award Recipient

quotable: “My motto is, and has pretty much always been: Never stop asking ‘Why?’”

his story: At Churchill Academy, Caleb is well known for his shining character, and has received multiple awards for his trustworthiness, citizenship, and more. When asked to share what inspires and motivates him most, Caleb shared, “God, music, and the mistakes of myself and those around me. The first kind of explains itself, and then I’ve just always really liked music. It helps keep me positive and upbeat. As for the last, I’ve always tried to take common life lessons to heart, especially those that everyone knows and repeats, such as Honesty is the best policy.” He added, “Probably the best advice I ever got was from my grandfather: Always know when you don’t know.”

what’s next: Caleb explained, “I have always loved space, math, and building things. Because of this, I’ve wanted to go into some field of engineering, either mechanical or aerospace engineering, for quite a while. That is still what I intend to do.”

PG (parental guidance) rating: “I am proud that I am a part of the Wilkinson family. We have some interesting history and a really big family.”

parents’ perspective: Jessica shared, “I admire my son’s work ethic. He takes his school assignments, whether simple or difficult, very seriously. He is the same way at home with any task I give him.”

parent-to-parent: “Life is busy, but take the time to make memories with your son or daughter. Something you say to them or share with them may one day help them with a life-changing decision. Pray with them and teach them the joy of giving to and helping others. They will never forget those kinds of life lessons.

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