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Teen Spotlight: Bethany Granger

stats: 18, Senior at Prattville High School

notable: Tuskegee University VET STEP II Program Attendee, Prattville Baptist Hospital Summer Volunteer, Goodwin Animal Hospital Volunteer

quotable: “If you keep on doing what you have been doing, you are going to keep getting the same results. Therefore, to do better, you must approach the situation in a different way.”

her story: Bethany is making great strides to reach her goals. She was chosen as one of 28 students from across the country to attend the VET STEP II Summer Program, hosted by the Tuskegee University College of Medicine, where she attended classes, participated in lab exercises, and prepared presentations. In addition, she served a total of 71 hours as a Summer Teen Volunteer at Prattville Baptist Hospital in 2017- the most hours of any other teen volunteer that summer. Throughout her time at Prattville High School, she has been actively involved in the FBLA Club, International Club, and Beta Club.

what’s next: “I would like to become a labor and delivery nurse. I feel that nursing is the most rewarding job ever because I would be there to not only witness, but also take part in, such a miraculous event. The thought of helping deliver precious babies gives me genuine excitement! I am passionate about bringing new lives into the world. ”

PG (parental guidance) rating: “My family has supported my goals of becoming a nurse by helping me find opportunities to get experience. For example, I told my mom that I was interested in labor and delivery, so she contacted the hospital to see if I could shadow a nurse on that floor. I was able to do so and gained valuable insight into what those nurses do. My parents also made sure I was able to participate as a teen volunteer at Prattville Hospital.”

parents’ perspective: Amanda and Danyail share, “We admire Bethany’s ability to stand firm in her beliefs. If she believes something should happen a certain way, it’s going to be tough to convince her otherwise. She also holds her friends accountable. You don’t see that too often with teenagers.”

parent-to-parent: “Although kids may change their minds (several times) about their career goals, just be there to support them and provide any additional resources they might need.

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