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Teen Spotlight: Benjamin Miers

Stats: 18, Senior at Prattville Christian Academy 


  • Highest Geometry Average 
  • Highest Biology Average 
  • Highest Pre-Calculus Average 
  • Christian Leadership Award 
  • A Honor Roll

Quotable:  “Don’t be upset with the results you didn’t get with the work you didn’t do.” 

His Story: Benjamin enjoys participating in sports and extracurricular clubs at Prattville Christian Academy. Being involved in these extracurricular activities gives him a chance to get to know other students. He is involved in many areas at PCA and outside of school. He participates in varsity football, varsity soccer, Spanish club, Mu Theta Alpha, Student Government Association, Youth Leadership Autauga County, First Baptist Church-Prattville youth group, National Honor Society, and served as a PCA Ambassador (Junior year). Through his many involvements, he has been selected as President of the Student Government Association, received the Varsity Soccer Coaches Award (2 years), and received the Autauga County Youth Leadership scholarship. Outside of school, Benjamin enjoys deer hunting. When asked what he would say to advise freshman, he answered, “Make the most of the time you have with your friends and classmates. It goes by quick.” He wants to be remembered as someone who did more than what they were asked to do and someone who set a good example for others to follow. 

What’s Next:  Benjamin plans to attend Auburn University at Montgomery. He shared, “I am currently undecided of the career I want to pursue. I feel that a lot of pressure is placed on Seniors to make this life-changing decision. I know that God will show me the path I am meant to follow.” He received his most-memorable advice from his pastor who once said in a sermon not to let your selfish desires get in the way of God’s plan for your life. 

Parental Guidance (PG) Rating: Benjamin’s dad provided him with the most inspiration by teaching him that you will never succeed unless you put forth the effort needed to achieve your goals. When asked what makes Benjamin proud of his family, he responded, “I am thankful that my parents raised me in a Christian home.”  

Parents’ Perspective: Gil and Kim described their son by saying, “Ben has always been a natural leader and so self-driven.  I believe leadership skills are a natural talent, and Ben definitely has been blessed with leadership ability.  Through his experience this year as SGA President, he has learned how to delegate duties and communicate with his peers.” His parents most admire Ben’s devotion to his Christian faith as he always puts the Lord first in his life and strives to follow God’s will for his life. While raising Ben, they have always encouraged Ben to remain close in his relationship with God and to always put forth his best effort. “From academics to athletics, we encourage him to give it his all.” 

Parent to Parent: The Miers family advises parents to, “remember that every child is unique and has various talents and abilities. We would remind them to be patient with their child while encouraging their child to do his/her best.  Not all children will have a perfect GPA but what matters most is teaching our children to be loving and kind members of society.”  


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