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Teen Spotlight: Baxlee Burton

Baxlee Burton


17, Junior at Tallassee High School


  • 10th Grade Student Body Vice President
  • 11th Grade Student Body Vice President
  • Honor Roll Student


“You only get one life, so make it your best.”

his story

Baxlee shared his favorite thing about attending Tallassee High School is, “getting to go to school and see people I do not regularly see and make them smile.” Baxlee is an honor roll student who is very involved in his school. From sports to student government, Baxlee is driven and dedicated to his endeavors. He runs Cross Country, plays soccer, holds office in Student Government, and is part of the E team (a voluntary association of citizens who are concerned about energy/environment issues). When asked to share something most people don’t know about him, Baxlee answered, “Some people would be very surprised to know I am very frugal.” He advises freshmen to open a custodial trading account and begin investing as soon as they can.

what’s next

Baxlee has big dreams following graduation. He shared, “I would like to be an investment banker in New York City.” When asked what inspired his interest in this career path, Baxlee answered, “I started working for a bank as a teller two years ago, and I was very interested in the financial branch of the bank.”

PG (parental guidance) rating

Baxlee shared that he has been inspired by everyone in his life. He takes helpful advice from everyone he meets and applies it to his life. His favorite thing about his family is how they all have a very strong work ethic.

parents' perspective

Baxlee’s parents shared, “The qualities we admire most about Baxlee are his motivation, decisiveness, and determination to excel in all academic areas. One thing that makes Baxlee different from others is his willingness to try new things, whether it be learning a new language, traveling to new places, watching politics, or investing in stock.”


Lee and Heather Burton had this advice for other parents, “Be involved in every aspect of your child’s life. Talk to your children on a daily basis. Just let your child know that you’re their number one fan. Support and encourage your child to be involved in as much as they can."

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