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Teen Spotlight: Bàsil McHorne II

Basil McHorne II

stats: 17, Senior at Saint James School

notable: Saint James Peer Leader, Cross Country and Track Team Member, National Honor Society Member

quotable:  “Yee-hah cowboy.” Bàsil explains, “It means to overcome challenges with great determination and high spirit.”

his story: At Saint James, Bàsil is a member of both the indoor and outdoor track teams, as well as the cross country team. He earned the designations of  Top Rookie and Most Improved Runner during his first year of cross country. He explains, “My track coach, Mr. Kevin Madden, challenges me to become the best I can be.” After eight years of training, he earned his black belt in Taekwondo at Bateman Studio Taekwondo. He shares, “My Taekwondo instructor, Mr. Michael Bateman, helped me build my confidence by teaching me self defense.” When asked what advice he would give to other students who are juggling school and extracurricular activities, Bàsil answered, “Time management is key, because it is easy to get behind on what is important. When students handle their time wisely, they can have lots of fun in high school and reduce stress.”

what’s next: “I want to become a military officer to serve my country and lead others. My dad retired from the United States Air Force. Also, I have a lot of family and close family friends who are involved with the military.” Overall, Bàsil wants to be remembered as a person who made a positive difference in society.

PG (parental guidance) rating: Bàsil shares, “I am proud of my family because they have provided me with many opportunities they did not have. My parents are the main inspiration in my life. They are the ones who taught me to love Christ and myself.”

parents’ perspective: Bàsil and Jacqueline explain, “We admire Bàsil’s willingness to learn new concepts in order to become successful. He is a good listener and takes time to understand the problems and situations of others. He loves to find a solution that he thinks will help.”

parent-to-parent: “All children learn differently. Find your child’s strengths and passions, then provide them with opportunities to help them grow. Most of all, have lots of fun.

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