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Teen Spotlight: Annie Skoneki

stats: 17, Senior at Saint James School

notable: Senior Class Treasurer, Jimmy Hitchcock Award Nominee, Saint James Peer Leader and Ambassador

quotable: “My life motto is Love does, which comes from a very wise man named Bob Goff. I have a reminder that goes off on my phone every day at 8 a.m. that says Love does, to remind me that love is an action.”

her story: At Saint James School, Annie is a member of several clubs and academic groups, including the National Honor Society, Youth Judicial and Legislature, and the FCA Leadership Team. She is also on the varsity volleyball and basketball teams and serves as the school’s mascot between her own sporting events. Outside of school, Annie is an instrumental member of her church. She shares, “I am very active in my youth group, attending Sunday and Wednesday nights regularly, as well as youth trips. Last summer, I helped lead Girl Talk, a middle school girls’ bible study. I enjoy going on mission trips- I have been to Haiti twice, and the Dominican Republic. I plan to go to Kenya this summer.”

what’s next: “I want to be a nurse. I think I want to serve on a mission for a while to help provide medical care to those who don’t receive it regularly. I plan to do that short-term, and eventually work at a hospital in the U.S.”

PG (parental guidance) rating: She says, “Whether it’s in Alabama, Florida, or Texas where family members live, if our friends or family need us, we do everything we can to be there.” She adds, “The person who has inspired me the most is my mom. She is as close as it gets to perfect. I have never met anyone who is a better communicator or a better friend.”

parents’ perspective: Kim and Scott share, “Annie always sees the good in people and is big on second, third- really endless chances. She has shown time and time again that taking the high road is the right thing to do- somehow she makes it look easy.”

parent-to-parent: “Don’t push your child too much or go into something with preconceived expectations. Just because you love something doesn’t mean they will. You’ll see their gifts developing- identify those and encourage them.

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