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Teen Spotlight: Andrew Burns

Stats: 17, Senior at Alabama Christian Academy 


  • Received the Presidential Award  
  • Achieved over a 4.0 GPA 
  • Completed over a hundred service hours  
  • Attended a medical conference for future leaders 

Quotable: “Do today what others will not, so tomorrow I can do what others can not. ” 

His Story: Andrew shared that his favorite thing about attending Alabama Christian Academy is the ability to grow relationships and make connections with people around him. He expressed, “I love being able to put smiles on people’s faces and making a difference, even if it is a small one, in their lives.” He has devoted over a hundred hours of service to different organizations. He spent over 50 hours helping patients in the hospital and attended a medical conference for future leaders in medicine in Boston, Massachusetts. He wants to be remembered as somebody who lived for others, as a friend, and somebody people could rely on. He would tell freshmen, “Even when times are tough, it will always pay off to never sell yourself short; always do the work. When you look back you will be glad you did.” 

What’s Next: Andrew plans to become a pediatric neurosurgeon. His interest in neuroanatomy began when he was in the fifth grade.  

Parental Guidance (PG) Rating: Andrew stated, “I am proud of my parents who have been great role models. My dad has spent years serving in the military and has been deployed several times. My mom went back to school and became a physical therapist, and now she helps people every day. Andrew shared that his Granddad has inspired him the most.  

Parents’ Perspective: Carla and Matthew acknowledged that “Andrew has always been mature and wise beyond his years.  He is humble and kind, yet fiercely driven to reach his goals. His sense of purpose and direction in life and his willingness to work hard to achieve his dreams is truly inspiring. He genuinely cares about everyone he meets and his ability to connect with people of all ages and backgrounds is remarkable.”  

Parent to Parent: The Burns family encourages parents to “be deliberate. What we feed grows. Feed their learning, adventure, and curiosity, and it will grow. Teach them that their brain is capable of learning anything they want to learn and do what you can to facilitate real-world experiences as they begin thinking about a career path.  And always remind them that failure is an important part of the learning process. 


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