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Teen Spotlight: Aaron McNeil

Stats: 15, Sophomore at Evangel Christian Academy


  • Highest Grade Point Average in Class (4.0)
  • National Junior Honor Society
  • A Honor Roll
  • ECA Boys Basketball State Championship

Quotable: “The only way to the future is forward.”

His Story: Aaron shared that his favorite thing about attending Evangel Christian Academy is the Christian aspect and connecting with others. At ECA, he is a member of the Varsity Football team, Varsity Basketball team, National Junior Honor Society, and the Raspberry Pi Team. He is also involved in various military-related activities where he has achieved many awards and certifications such as Civil Air Patrol Acting First Sergeant. Outside of his many extracurriculars, Aaron loves History and reading. He wants to be remembered as someone who inspires others to become better. When asked what he would tell incoming freshmen, he answered, “Stay ahead of your work. Learn as much as you can, wherever you can, and prepare for anything”

What’s Next: After high school, Aaron plans to join the AirForce, and after a successful career, retire and become a History teacher. His father’s military career sparked his interest in joining the Air-Force, as well as his participation in Civil Air Patrol (CAP).

PG (Parental Guidance) Rating: Aaron stated, “My parents are godly people and they continue to want the best for me and my life.” When asked who provides the most inspiration in his life, he answered, “My parents; but especially my dad. My mom encourages me to strive to be my best and avoid the status quo. My dad is inspiring because he participates in all of my activities, and he is my role model. My dad always told me, ‘As long as you do right and wait, good things will come.'”

Parent’s Perspective: Sybil and Aaron acknowledged that “AJ is smart, compassionate, friendly and self-motivated to achieve.” They admire his willingness to help others, his desire to lead, and his love for Christ. “We instilled good morals and values in him. We taught him to use the “Golden Rule” of doing unto others, as he would have them do unto him.”

Parent to Parent: The McNeil family encourages parents to “Stay actively involved in your child’s life with your time, and not just your money. Children desire your attention and approval. Be an intentional parent and provide the intangibles of life. Remember your presence is BETTER than presents!”

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