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What I Know Now: Ellen Davis

name: Ellen Davis age: 29 hometown: Montgomery, AL career: I’m the owner of Precision Medical Media, a company that creates medical visuals to explain...
Samuel Gibson
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What I Know Now: Samuel Gibson

age: 24  hometown: Grand Bay, Alabama  education: I attended Tuskegee University and majored in Animal Science/Business. I chose the School of Agriculture (CAENS)...
Ryan Shubird
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What I Know Now: Ryan Shubird

age: 25  hometown: Montgomery, Alabama  career: Accounting/Finance  education: I received my Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Auburn University at Montgomery where I am now...
Drew Arnold
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What I Know Now: Drew Arnold

age: 28  hometown: Hattiesburg, Mississippi (Dixie Community)  career: Resource Stewardship Biologist (South Region). I provide on-the-ground wildlife and land management assistance to private...